Omni Ginny PPARs C Tablets
Omni Ginny PPARs C Tablets
Omni Ginny PPARs C Tablets
Omni Ginny PPARs C Tablets
Omni Ginny PPARs C Tablets
Omni Ginny PPARs C Tablets
Omni Ginny PPARs C Tablets

Omni Ginny PPARs C Tablets

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Main Ingredients

100% Pure Chlorella Sorokiniana Powder added with natural high RV5 PPARs ligands extracted from Crypthecodiinium Cohnii, Chlorella Sorokiniana & Spirulina.  Also enhanced with CGF OD5000 (Chlorella Growth Factor), Chlorophyll, SGF (Spirulina Growth Factor), Phycocyanin, Resveratrol 98%, Grape Skin Extract 5%, Green Tea Extract 98%, Fucoidan Extract 50%, Astaxanthin Extract 3% and other PPARs agonists from microalgae and plant.

100% natural contains No added sugar, flavourings, artificial sweetener, preservatives, binding, additives or any other harmful chemicals.  No animal content. No heavy metals.

The Function of Chlorella Sorokiniana myPPAR Formula

1. It helps to change / balance our body from acidic to alkaline.

2. It rejuvenates, revitalizes the cells and thereby increases the metabolism.

3. Improve the immune system in general.

4. Strengthen T-Cell activity and remove bacteria effectively.

5. Strengthen macrophages Cells for anti-viral effect.

6. It improves the detoxification function. Improve skin tone, elasticity and complexion.

7. It contains S-Nucleotide which can strengthen the red blood cell.

8. It decreases the cholesterol, blood sugar blood, fat level, and strengthens the human blood
system. It vitalizes the cells in liver and kidneys, and increases its power.

9. It energizes the function of liver and lung, and no hang over after drinking.

10. It can increase the absorption of minerals and nutrition in our body.

11. It is able to eliminate fatigue and restore physical strength quickly;

12. It benefits the normal metabolism of pineal body which regulates the body biological clock.
Thus it has a notable efficiency in improving insomnia and to improve one's sleep;

13. It promotes synthesis of proteins in order to synthesize more vigorous sperm. Genital will naturally be restored and enhanced; adjust hormone imbalance

14. It is able to prevent brain degeneration and senile dementia, strengthen the memory function. Prevent stroke and heart disease.

15. It is able to make white hair return to black hair and new hair grow on bald head

16. It can enable Bifidophilus to grow at double rate inside the body, while adjusting micro-balance at the same time promote the restoration of cell functions inside the intestines ways.

17. It is able to eliminate cold symptoms caused by cold, prevent common cold;

18. It is able to prevent cancer by improving alkaline balance and restoring gene damage.


Take 7 tablets each time, 3 times / day.  Children 7 ~10 tablets / day.
For enhanced dosage : Double the above dosage.

Halal Certied, ISO & GMP compliance.

Approved Toxicity Tests. Suitable for Vegans.
100% Natural, no additive, no chemical.

Manufactured in Singapore

Batch#: GL230521   Mfg: 28MAY2023   Exp: 27MAY2026