About us

The Beginnings

We started marketing Chlorella Sorokiniana PPARs series in the year of 2001. We work under a traditional business model incorporating a flexible system to encourage our customers to share with more friends about this wonderful health food supplement.  With a short 20+ years, we have the know-how and assign our rights to our contract manufacturing GMP factories in Taiwan and Singapore to produce at a reasonable low cost for all our customers. 

Our Plans in the Future

We were marketing Cryptomonadales originated from Taiwan Professor Wang Shu Te starting the year 2004 and was the first to be awarded Sole Distributorship in 2006 for both Singapore and Indonesia markets.  We introduce the 21st Century most powerful health food supplement to Philippines starting 2007 and supplied to MLM companies in OEM ODM private brand.  There are a few unique and special formula which contains a new technique to extract PPARs (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors) from the micro-algae and plants. This is a break through in technology founded in Europe and USA which is quite commonly used in drug and medicine.  We started formulating improved Chlorella Sorokiniana myPPARs Formula with RV5-PPARs agonists locally and manufactured in Singapore by our GMP standard practice recognised internationally.  Our products containing the new RV5-PPARs agonists is 100% natural, this bring us yet another good news for human being.  Most importantly, we would like to achieve helping more people to get wealthy in health, without paying excessive high cost of maintenace and pay it forward to all of our future generations.

~ Best regards from our founder, Mr David Ang, Executive Director, Green Link Global Enterprise Pte Ltd