Ruth Müller

Ruth Müller. 31, Ground Handling Service Officer (Munich, Germany) “For more than one year I have been taking Chlorella Sorokiniana , about 20 to 30 tablets a day. My place of work is an international airport. I am in charge of several VIP hostesses who look after the arrival of heads of state such as Prime ministers, ministers, kings and queens, dukes and earls, famous artists and personalities. This job requires a lot of organization and precision. The word “stress” is a mild form of expressing the tension and activity in our department. After work I had difficulty relaxing and sleep wouldn’t come easy. In fact, I was sometimes so overworked that I could not take my dinner. However, Chlorella Sorokiniana has helped me to such an extent that I feel quite calm and relaxed after a real hard day of work. My skin complexion has become so nice and healthy looking, and my hair became so shiny and healthy. This product has saved me from becoming completely run down.”


Victor Epitropou

Victor Epitropou 46, video gamer and programmer, New Zealand “In early July, 2003, I was given some small brochures, which contained information about Chlorella Sorokiniana . At that time, my personal health condition was slowly deteriorating. The high strength medication prescribed by my doctor was not improving my health. I contacted the people who gave me the brochures and felt confident to try the product. I am now absolutely delighted to report the amazing results that have been achieved in just a short period of time. After taking Chlorella Sorokiniana for about 4 weeks, my blood pressure started to steadily drop. Now; after 6 weeks of taking the product, my blood pressure has returned to normal levels and I no longer take the prescribed medication. Also, I have lost 22 pounds in weight since starting to take the product. I definitely feel more positive and have much more energy than before, and strangely enough my eyesight seems to have improved. A big thanks to Chlorella Sorokiniana !”


Catherine Warner

Catherine Warner, 36,chemist, USA I have been taking Chlorella Sorokiniana for ten months now. As a sufferer of chronic hepatitis C, I have found that the Chlorella Sorokiniana tablets have improved my energy levels, decreasing the amount of chronic fatigue syndrome that I have previously suffered. My digestive system is less sensitive and better regulated. I haven’t suffered as much acid reflux as I normally do since taking the tablets. My liver functions have improved slowly over the time when I was taking Chlorella Sorokiniana , especially while I was taking an initially high dose of them twice daily. I have high recommendation for people who is willing to try it.



Nanawati, 46 year old, Company Director (Indonesia) I got to know Chlorella Sorokiniana products back in July 2002 in Singapore and I was immediately interested in trying it. After 3-month regular use of OMNI GINNY and OMNI FIBER , I experienced drastic changes in both my health and appearance. I had been diagnosed of having BRONCHITIS since 1994. Every time it attacked, it made me helpless for about a month although I kept taking antibiotics. My body became so weak, I could not bear cold and windy weather, snooze a lot, had a lot of cold respiration and phlegm in the throat. This bronchitis usually started with a throat inflammation. However, after my regular use of Chlorella Sorokiniana products, I am totally free from this bronchitis that really disturbs my life. I have no idea how did the products work within my body, but what I know is that my body resilience, stamina and energy level all improve. I am now also free from the constipation that used to suffer. There is also a big surprise in my appearance. My weight that was close to 68 kg is now stabilized in the range of 59 kg. My skin becomes so smooth and free from pimples. Many people say that I look much younger than my actual age. When I walk with my daughter, sometimes people guess that we are sisters. Hahaha … isn’t it fun to have such a compliment? I still maintain my health by consuming OMNI DE FOOD products and I am so happy that so many people have followed suit and got positive results similar to what I have got. I would suggest that all of you try the products and see the effects to your health and appearance, and then you can share with your relatives and friends. There are so many people that would need OMNI DE FOOD products. OMNI DE FOOD cultivates the holistic lifestyle that improves your quality of life.



Yuli, 52 year old, Doctor, Indonesia I was 50 years old entering the menopause phase when I started taking Chlorella Sorokiniana products (Omni Ken and Omni Ginny). My periods were so irregular and I had a lot of discomfort. After taking the products, it become normalised.  Thank you so much.

Sean Ang

Sean Ang, 15, student, Singapore Last year I went cycling with my dad and I fell on the road accidentally. I landed on the ground first with my right palm and elbow. It was a deep cut and about 3 cm x 2 cm of skin was peeled off. My dad helped me to clean the wound and apply Chlorella Sorokiniana powder immediately when we got home. He put some gauze to keep it free from germs. Next day, I was very surprise to see that the wound has completely dried up and heal so fast. This kind of injury normal takes me quite a few days to see the healing and I told my dad “Chlorella Sorokiniana is really miracle man….!!”. Thanks to my dad. I save the pain if I were to go through the doctor instead.


Gina Siew

Gina Siew, 49, clerk, Singapore When I was young, I suffered from Polio and could only walk with the help of a stick. I got type 2 diabetic so serious that I have to inject insulin before each meal. Five years ago, I was diagnosed with tumor and cease in my womb. It bleed so badly and was very painful. I got depressed and tired easily, always took my medical leaves to rest at home during bad days. One day, I was introduced to Chlorella Sorokiniana products in 2002 by my colleague who has high recommended me to try. I was hoping that Chlorella Sorokiniana could give me more strength to walk and be a little healthier if possible. Three days after trying Chlorella Sorokiniana tablets and capsules, I could felt an extra energy or some kind of inner strength that helped me to walk faster. I was very happy and told my colleague: “Hey! Look! I could walk so fast now…!” Two weeks later, Doctor told me I do not need anymore injection as it seemed that my body has generated adequate insulin. “Wow! It’s amazing!”. Further another two months, I got really joyful when my CT scan shows that my tumor has reduced its size by half and five of the cease had disappeared….! I had a choice not to go for surgery which has been worrying me many months ago. Thanks to my colleague who had brought me the wonderful products Chlorella Sorokiniana ! It really helped me to get over the difficult time and health crisis I suffered for many years. Now I am diligently taking the tablets and capsule everyday without fail. I want to convince all my friends that they should follow me to consume this high quality health food for their better lives. .


Sharon Lim

Sharon Lim, 9 year old, Student, Singapore Dengue Fever, hospitalised with low count of red blood cell and platelets.  Immediate consume Chlorella Sorokiniana tablets 30 tablets + Chlorella Sorokiniana CGF Extract 1 capsule a day, all blood count normalised in 3 days.  Thanks to Chlorella Sorokiniana, it helps save my life.


David Ang

During the worst time in1990-2001, I visited my GP almost every month for I easliy got cough and flu. I fell sick so often that my boss thought I was one of those “bad attitude employee” having taking 14 days medical leave on top of 14 days annual leave. Doctor told me that he has given me one of the strongest antibiotics (Bectrim) in 1995. I was recommended and finally removed my tonsils in Singapore General Hospital. Many doctors told me to watch my diet and have more exercise to loose my weight to keep healthy. I tried many method to loose weight by taking some high profile health food supplement from USA. The proclaimed method – protein diet end up with more serious problem at the end. In 1996, my uric acid level was so high (10.9ml/dL) and the sole on my left foot ached almost all the time when I woke up in the morning. At times I could not wear shoes as it will swell. Doctor told me that I suffered from Gout which will stick to me for life…..!! Worse, more problem added since then. I have slip disc on my lower spine at L3 L4 due to injury sustained during my National Service in the army force Dec 2001. I cannot even walk straight initial. I have since being down graded and need not have to perform my national duty – annual in camp training due to my condition. In fact, Singpaore Armed Forces is going to compensate for my injury suffered. Due to this injury, I was restrained from any vigorous exercise, doctor only recommended swimming as suitable to me. My immunity was very low and get sicked easily again. I was seriously over weight, unhealthy, and look as if I was 50 year old when I was actually at 38 only. Feeling very lousy as I looked into the mirror each time.  One of my friend Mr Tan recommended me to take Chlorella Sorokiniana tablets and Capsule from a MLM company in 2001.  That was an important turning point in my life.  In three months, I lost 21kg and look 15 years younger, vibrant and energetic as before when young.  It totall transformed me and my family members as well.  Thanks to this wonderful healthfood, Chlorella Sorokiniana!!