Natto Care
Natto Care
Natto Care
Natto Care

Natto Care

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Main Ingredients

  • Nattokinase 20,000 F.U./g (odorless, Vit K excluded)
  • Red Yeast Rice Extract 3%
  • Astaxanthin Extract 3%
  • Chlorella CGF Extract OD5000



  • Prevent cardiovascular diseases & stroke.
  • Decompose thrombi, lower cholesterol, blood lipid and blood pressure.
  • Improve blood flow.
  • Anti-cancer activity, prevent osteoporosis, senile dementia.


Target of Nattokinase Treatment

 High blood pressure
High blood pressure usually don’t cause any syndrome, however it will slowly cause the pathological changes of blood vessel then hurt the heart, brain, kidney…etc. It’s the dangerous fact to brain blood vessel, cardiovascular & kidney syndrome. Moreover the high blood pressure is not obvious to feel, it is usually called with Silent Killer.
Nattokinase decrease blood viscosity and increase blood mobility through capillary circulation. Research in Japan shows significant reduction of blood pressure.

 Thrombosis
Nattokinase induces thrombus degradation thus dissolved prior thrombus.

 Hyper Lipidemia
Too much cholesterol will be oxidized within the blood vessel then form the arteriosclerosis. The arteriosclerosis is easy to cause thrombus, once it is formed will lead to apoplexy or myocardial infarction.

 Diabetes
Some diabetes patients are usually accompanied with hyper lipidemia problem( related to insulin), and the hyper lipidemia is also the main reason of resulting the thrombus.

 Varices Regular intake of Nattokinase may prevent the formation of varices and may decrease the severities of previous varices.  There’s a lot of factors of varix. One is the thrombus-arisen around the vein valve, then thrombus organized and contract to lead the permanent destroy of vein valve. Finally the Varix is formed.


Take 1 capsule/day.
For enhanced dosage : 2 capsules/day.  For Elderly, suggest to take 1 capsule in the morning, 1 capsule before sleep ( To prevent Stroke at night)

Organic & non-GMO Japanese soybeans,
Halal Certied, ISO & GMP compliance.
Approved Toxicity Tests. Suitable for Vegans.
100% Natural, no additive.



It is a food supplement, no side effect for normal consumption.  However, due to certain body condition, if severe aching, pain occurs, stop and rest for 2 ~ 3 days and start again.  This is the part of the healing crisis or recovery symptom which is normal reaction of the body before it is completed healed.  Generally safe for all human including pregnant woman.  If any doubt, to consult with nutritionist or medical practioners.