Maca Green Coffee
Maca Green Coffee
Maca Green Coffee
Maca Green Coffee
Maca Green Coffee

Maca Green Coffee

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Maca Green Coffee

Contains Macamides, Macaenes, Glucosinolate, Essential Amino acids, Arginine, Aspartic acide, Gulatmic acid, Aspartate, Lysine and fatty acid.

Main Ingredients

  • Instant Coffee Powder
  • Non Dairy Creamer
  • Black Maca Extract Powder
  • Natural Stevia Sweetener

Benefit of Maca Green Coffee

  1. Anti-fatigue, increase energy and strength;
  2. Improve quality and activity.
  3. Improve performance, sturdier and prolong passion time.
  4. Improve impotence and increase hardness.
  5. Anti-menopause, regulate the adrenal glands, pancreas and ovarian. Regulate endocrine. Promote the female hormone estrogen and anti-aging.
  6. Improve genital stimulation and promote vitality.
  7. Enhance memory, keep brain active, flexible and improve work efficiency.
  8. Improve sleeping quality due to the pressure caused by anxiety disorders and neurasthenia.


Pour one sachet into a cup and add about 80mL hot water.  Stir Well and serve.

Take one sachet / day or when needed.